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Exclamation Why would you close this thread?

Pault 123 wrote...

Originally Posted by pault123
I can't believe Nvidia can get away with denying everything is fine. All these happy people they say you never hear from don't use forums and obviously have never run 3dmark06 on their cards!!

My 3 x 7900GT's were all a nightmare to RMA, two of the shops even denied there was a fault when they got the cards back and did extensive testing of the errmmm clock speeds - ??? which they found were set properly?? No benchmarks, no stress testing, no 3dmark06 Deep Freeze testing just probably a coolbit check of the clock speed? and then they charge ME 10 for their testing fee's!

One unamed company even sent a Gainward 7900GT back to me as they didn't agree a card that performs better when its underclocked had a problem. (i'm talking 1000-2000+ 3dmark points better when lowering the clocks) They said the Gainward 7900GT 512 wasnt properly supported by coolbits, atitool, expertool because the card was a one of a kind, the only 7900GT with 512, so the card running slow and scoring very low marks at its factory OC'd advertised speeds was simply because of lack of software support and my coolbit clock readings were wrong! I paid to send it back to them the 1st time, they charged me 25 for testing and sending it back to me without warning, and I paid to post it back to them again and they still say there isn't a problem.

Onto my 7900GTX card now which is failing 3dMark06 Deep Freeze, this is the first company ive come across which are letting me keep the card until they get another in stock and trying to arrange a next day exchange so i'll be without the card for minimum time! So finally a company which puts the customer first Very doubtful as to whether the new one will work but until I get one that does i'm going to keep the postman very busy!
Mike C. locked thread.....??? Why?

I find it hard to believe you got 3 defective 7900GT's along with a 7900GTX. What are the odds of that? I think you have another problem and it is not the graphics cards.

Do not start anymore threads on this we have a random freezing thread.
I don't believe Pault 123's thread was really directed towards the freezing issue rather the support from nVidia and if anything will be done!

Honestly Mike C. look at the threads posted on this everywhere!!! Here and try and visit the card manufactures forums as well. If you can some of them have closed their forums down due to not having an answer to the obvious problem and avoiding it! Pault is just stating what he and several other consumers of the 7900 series are going through! I think it's not fair for you to avoid his post and lock it down so no one can reply! That only backs the fact that their is an evident problem with these cards!!! The man has come here for help and telling him he's wrong and cutting him off is not the way to support the community!!! He did not bad mouth anyone!

Please do not delete or close... I'm just here trying to help others with this overwhelming and evident issue.

Laterz from the snilloconator.....

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