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Default Re: Why would you close this thread?

Originally Posted by SnilloC
Pault is just stating what he and several other consumers of the 7900 series are going through! I think it's not fair for you to avoid his post and lock it down so no one can reply! That only backs the fact that their is an evident problem with these cards!!! The man has come here for help and telling him he's wrong and cutting him off is not the way to support the community!!! He did not bad mouth anyone!

Please do not delete or close... I'm just here trying to help others with this overwhelming and evident issue.

Laterz from the snilloconator.....
We are not here for members to vent their frustration against NVIDIA. If you have problems as a consumer you have options but making my forums a miserable mess of whinning unsubstantiated complaints is not going to cut it. So cut the drama queen act and move on or else I will move you along myself.
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