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Default MSI K7N2G-ILSR onboard NIC

I recently purchased the MSI K7N2G-ILSR motherboard as part of a new computer. I have had no problems at all setting it up for use in windows, however I am having some difficulties getting the linux drivers functioning properly.

After some considerable struggles with getting the source tarballs to compile, I finally got them compiled. I made the appropriate changes to my /etc/modules.conf file, added the appropriate entries to /etc/modules, and modified /etc/network/interface to include an entry for iface eth0 dhcp

Unfortunately, now the boot up sequence freezes on configuring interfaces and then says done after a pause of about a minute or so. I narrowed the problem down to dhclient which hangs when given the command "dhclient eth0"
Nothing extra is output when dhclient is called with the -e flag

I am running Debian 3.0 r1 with kernel version 2.4.18

Has anyone even managed to get the net drivers working with this motherboard? Do I need a newer kernel? Is there some setting I've missed?

oh yeah, I also changed something in my bios like was suggested in the troubleshooting about PNP OS Installed to 'no'

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