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Originally posted by Fotis

I don't get it, what load of theoretical technologies has nv30 over radeon 9700?Do you know something we don't?And don't tell me about the cinefx, please!!!
If he has a board then why not use it for quakecon presentation?
Anyway it's good to hear that he might have an nv30 because it might be closer to launch!!At least I hope!!
I never said that the NV30 has anything over and above the R300 technologie wise, though that's not strictly true; .13u process being one example. But it is fairly obvious that it will have a higher core and memory speed than the R300.

What I meant was the Gigapixel and 3dfx technologies were all theoretical, nothing had ever been, successfully, built with them. nVidia had to do all the design work and implementation work from scratch. ATI bought a ready made design and re-engineered to become a PC gfx chip.

If he has a board then he will be under a very strict NDA and, unless nVidia allow him to demo the NV30, he won't be able to use it publically.
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