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Default Re: Nvidia 6200 and ATI RS480/482 chipset incompatibilities

Originally Posted by foodude2
I have experienced the same issues as many of you here have with this configuration. I have an emachines T6212 which also uses the MSI 7093 board. I installed a Chaintech 6200TC and the system freezes and then reboots at random times. Sometimes it could be hours before this happens or it could be a few minutes off a cold boot. Without the card my system is perfectly stable. I am using windows xp pro and have disabled write combining under Display Properties to see if this cuts down on the problem. I will try and see if using the latest beta drivers helps any.
Since my last post I haven't had 1 reboot or freeze. I am using Nvidia driver version under win xp pro and still have write combining disabled. I am glad a bug report has been opened though.
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