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Default Re: MMOs and boundries

I never flirt or try to form anything else other then friendship with people that I have not met in person when I play a MMORPG. I sometimes play a female character so it would be weird but I usually am up front with telling people I meet that Im a guy. I did play EQ with my girlfriend at the time, was weird with her playing a female character aswell since calling eachother "hun" and "babe" made people ask ALOT of questions...

I do form close friendships though, In EQ I could say I had a best friend. We use to group together always and knew alot of about eachother from conversations, when I quit he sent me emails every now and then just to keep intouch. Same with guilds, we often had meets where a bunch of us would get together at someones home or at a local bar and just talk. Would be funny meeting some people for the first time and see how different they act outside of the game.

Heck, My guild had a list of members RL Numbers and Names just incase someone was needed or something, I remember getting a call at 3am in the morning asking if I could log on to kill a raid boss... guild leader was pissed when I hug up on him... but I did log on 10mins later...
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