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Default Re: MMOs and boundries

All that shows is that he posts regularly on an internet forums. Your comeback about him having no life is moot, especially in the face your little story there.

You came here looking for two things, opinions and sympathy, and you're gonna gonna get one of those two. If you can't handle that, don't make the topic. I read your post through and through, what about my previous response would insinuate otherwise?

I have no problem making a friendly relationship with other people online. I have e-friends from WoW that I play with in the virtual world, but I would never consider any of them better friends than any of my real life friends.

If you have so entirely engrossed yourself into a video game where you feel that you are your avatar, and you start have "serious" relationships with other people INSIDE of said game, you have issues and you need help. A game is just that, a game. You are not your character in that game, you play that character. And if you think you've "fallen" for someone in the video game, like I said before, go meet them... IN REAL LIFE.
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