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Default Re: Best MMORPG/RPG For PvP?

Guild wars at least has it half correct. Healers are easily able to sustain themselves vs two, maybe even three targets. Boon-protters FTW! That's entirely becaue of their unique energy system, though. WoW unfortunately does not have the same fate. Healers can stay alive easy though a warrior for the duration of their mana, but mana isn't exactly an easily renewable resource in WoW.

The only class that mages should be able to pwnface 1vs1 all the time is, infact, warriors. Mages played right can beat other classes, but even a less-than-knowledgable mage player should be able to kill a warrior (and rogue, if done correctly). We do get owned by certain other things though, like warlocks, druids, and hunters. Oh, and shadow priests too, but those own EVERYTHING.
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