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Default Re: Best MMORPG/RPG For PvP?

Originally Posted by jeffmd
I thought you were speaking in the "real world" sense. Cause in a magical world, just as a warrior lets his armor do the tanking and his skills do the damage, a caster would use his magic to become his armor. That said, only GWs actually has some builds for casters where they can reduce damage done to them on a grand scale. In games like EQ and WoW, defensive caster buffs give a few more hp, but dosnt impact their armor rating and reduce damage, and as you said weapons just rip right through them.

Saddly both WoW and GW have the stupid logic that all melee should get a sprint type ability as well as "snares", both wich are generaly unremoveable by spells/damage because they are non-magic, and at the same time the caster dosnt have sprint (or its unusable after snare) and HIS method of snare is broken by some type of damage.
Both intercept and charge can easily be countered, casters are a extremely difficult battle for warriors, a skilled caster can quite easily attempt to hold a warrior at bay.
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