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Default Re: Office 2007 beta is out

I already made a thread that the Beta is out.

Originally Posted by Son Goku
I still haven't gotten the download, or admitted into the Vista beta. However, today via email/newsletter they sent out notice that Office 2k7 beta is out, and gave a link to sign up for it.

Anyhow, I was provided with a download URL to the binary after signing up, and also an authorization code/product keys. Naturally, I won't be publishing them, as I doubt the product keys and what not are supposed to be transferred; but thought I'd let people know it's out there now...
It's an open beta, everyone will get the same key. Link

Originally Posted by crainger
Anyone else unable to Activate? I'm guessing their servers must be busy or down for maintenence.
I activated it a couple of minutes ago just fine.
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