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Post There is a way...

Grab the patch from (you want the 2.5/2.4-rmap patch).

The macros that you need are included in the KERNEL_2_5 sections, but you can't just compile as KERNEL_2_5 cos loads of other things then break.

hand-edit nv-linux.h and look for the REMAP_PAGE_RANGE macro

For kernel2.5 this has an extra "vma".
Copy that #define line to outside the
#ifdef KERNEL_2_5

Also remove the
#define REMAP_PAGE_RANGE from the #else section that matches the KERNEL_2_5.

Your goal is to get REMAP_PAGE_RANGE defined as remap_page_range(vma, ## a)

There are a couple of other places that this is changed, but you may not have to edit them as well (this worked for me on AS 2.1 with just changing that one
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