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Lightbulb Re: Suspend/Hibernate - does it work for you?

Originally Posted by zander

If ACPI S3 and/or S4 do not work with a given configuration, it's worth checking if it reliably suspends/resumes without the NVIDIA Linux graphics driver (and the NVIDIA kernel module) loaded, either from within X with the nv X driver or (preferably) from the console, before X has started. If this works reliably, power management problems with the NVIDIA graphics driver are more likely to be caused by bugs in or interoperability problems with the latter, but since the NVIDIA graphics driver interacts with the kernel and the host system differently than the nv driver, it relies much more heavily on a reliably working host system, and often exposes problems that would not be seen otherwise.
An example is power management in the AGP GART driver, which, unless properly implemented, can result in hangs if the NVIDIA graphics driver was configured to use AGP memory. This still is a common problem today.
Zander, thank you very much for giving some feedback on this stuff.

I have a situation similar to what you have described -- everything works fine from the console or with the nv driver, but with the NVIDIA driver, resume from disk either locks up hard (with the NvAGP driver), or results in a mostly unresponsive system (with agpgart). See this thread for more info.

If I understand you correctly, it sounds like in the latter case I could be running into problems with the kernel's agpgart implementation. I assume this is why Nvidia developed their own AGP GART driver, but unfortunately this doesn't seem to like my hardware either....any thoughts on this, or suggestions on how to debug it further?

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