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Default Re: Office 2007 beta is out

You know, come to think of it, activated or not, if it expires in 180 days, they might not bother with a 40 use limit or whatever. At least, I'm not finding anything to suggest "you only have x number uses left". It's already limited.

Well within 180 days, the next beta should be released or something, and then we can install from there. I rather doubt they'd make beta 2 open, but then close up RC1, leaving people unable to access their files that were stored in the new file formats until the product goes retail.

If a lot of peeps are having problems activating, and they're aware of it, I can almost gaurentee another beta will be out there also. Naturally, once the product ships, they don't want their paying customers to be unable to activate, then... Well true, there will be the phone option by then
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