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Question Undecided what to upgrade to geforce 3 ti 200 64mb, 128mb or radeon 9000 pro 64mb ?

Im thinking about upgrading my geforce 2 pro 64mb to another graphics card that can support direct x 8.1 features as a lot of games coming out now now supports these.

My choice's due to my budget are ;

Geforce 3 ti 200 64mb
Geforce 3 ti 200 128mb
Radeon 9000 pro 64mb

these are within my 90 price range being the radeon 9000 and geforce 3 ti 200 128mb being about 85 mark

the geforce 3 ti 200 64mb about 65

thats without postage and packing on top

My other system specs are
Athlon xp 1700
256mb ddr memory
sblive value
ECS K7S5A motherboard (latest bios)

thanks for any info and any benchmarks be nice if anyone got these with simular systems cpu speed be nice
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