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Talking Re: *** Official Lost Coast Feedback Thread ***

I don't know if this is the "official" lost coast feedback thread, but here's my tuppence worth anyway:

Basically I couldn't have enjoyed it more. Okay, so the technology they have created has its quirks, but the way they lay out the trailer is more like a gameplay tute than an engine modding show off.

I really appreciated how they told you why they had implemented each part of the map, how they told you why they chose it and what underlying game creating 'laws' made them choose each area.

I really hope they keep creating things like this and I hope they diversify and explain and show different aspects of the Steam Engine and gameplay (remember that word?... gameplay)

tbh if these guys released a Steam modding tutorial that instructed you in such an in game way... I would buy it. Top Dollar. 50. (what's that $80?)

If this is not the OFFICIAL feedback thread, and you know it, please could you post it and sorry for the gushing... If it is the real thread, then keep up the good work and you can count on my support.
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