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Default Re: MMOs and boundries

Originally Posted by Athena
Over this last weekend I learned a important lesson about MMOs and the need for boundries. In the MMO I play I have a very popular avatar and I get flited w/ on a regular basis. The issue came up when I responed to one in a more than normal way. We got heavy into cybering and even shared our real E-mail and IM addresses. This virtual relationship went on for some weeks and then on day I was asked what am "I" doing right no not my avatar.

WOW. This did not feel right. Boundries where being crossed and it kind of freaked me out. I mean I was ok flirting and all in the game as my avatar but I was not looking for a real relationship outside of the game.
I wonder, what were you trying to get from this "virtual relationship"?

It's definitely possible to establish real friendships over the net, it's even possible to establish romantic relationships over the net (although 99% of those won't last). So your "partner" did a stupid thing of falling in love with your avatar instead of the real you, that's stupid but it did happen.

But I'm not sure how you fit in. Were you looking for an actual romantic relationship... or were you just RP'ing and trying to play as your character by doing heavy cybering with another char? You already dismissed the first theory... but thinking the latter is true is even more disturbing than the first.
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