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Default Re: Best Artifact tester?

Wow, I started this thread way back in Jan, when I was having problems with my P4 and AGP 6800gt. As you can see I have a little bit better system now.
At this point I use 3DM06 DeepFreeze test. I'm on my second 7900gtOCSC. First one would artifact like mad in Fear and 06DFreeze. The new card seems much better and I've attached a Vf-900 to it. I haven't even started OCing the card yet, I'm still working on the CPU and Mem. I'm going for 2.8 next time it cools off here. Been like 90f for the past week. It hasn't stopped me from hitting 2.6. Maybe I'll push the card this weekend. I'm little hesitant though. My last card was fine until I clicked detect Opt Freq, my last card locked up and then started having problems. I didn't even OC it. But I'm on new drivers now and maybe I'll be okay to push it a little. Maybe a Vmod.

Edit: Well I've updated my sig with my new scores with CPU at 2.6, gpu stock OC. I'm doing a 1.4 Vmod this week and see it I can get 650/1600 Artifact tester here I come.
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