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Default Re: MMOs and boundries

Originally Posted by Athena
yes, I am a roleplayer when on MMOs I do not play as me in the game I play the avatar I created. I guess being a old school pen and paper RPGamer the thought of playing a RPG and skipping the whole role playing part of it did not cross my mind. But as I am seeing it looks like most people just play RPGs as them self. This would explain the reaction I got from the other player.

So my question would be if you are playing as your self in the game where do you draw your boundries? It seems if you are role playing the boundry is clear. Play the avatar not yourself. That way when something happens to your avatar you do not take it personal, it is just a game. But if you play as yourself then when something happens it is personal by definition.

Any thoughts?
I think that if a person is roleplaying that they still empart some pieces of themselves to whatever you might be doing, whether it's online, table-top whatever, you are expressing yourself through an avatar. And if that person forms a friendship through that avatar then who is to say that the friendship is completely based on the virtual reality where it started? I've made many friendships with all kinds of people through online games, many of whom I value just as much as if they were physically near me.

Personally I feel it makes a game even more fun when you connect with people even apart from the virtual world. Whether a person wishes to persue beyond friendship with someone they met is of course up to both parties. But that doesn't mean that the friendsip is doomed. All in all I would say not to be afraid to make friends out of people you meet in a roleplaying atmosphere and even take it beyond the game. When a person wants to make the relationship more and you don't then just say you'd rather be friends, no harm no foul. But who knows when you might meet someone that you really do like and would like to explore the relationship a bit more.

Some people say that online gamers/roleplayers need to "get a life". We have one and we live it everyday, we do things that we enjoy and that make us happy. To me life is living and doing the things that make you happy and make everyday important. The definition of life is different for everyone so don't judge people by your definition of life, let them live theirs and you live yours.

Okay nuff preaching *sigh*. Peace!
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