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Default Re: MMOs and boundries

It's important to remember that MMOs are a social activity, and just as with any other social activity there's always scope for the age-old male/female stuff to raise it's ugly head. They're also no more intrinsically sad than many other forms of social activity.

I don't know how old some of you guys are, or whether you've ever come across some of the stuff that adults use the Internet for? MMOs really aren't much different from IRC, chat rooms, forums, etc., they're a vehicle for on-line dating! I know it may seem a bit weird and probably isn't the sort of thing that any self-respecting and "cool" twenty-something year-old would consider doing, but wait 'til you're in your mid-thirties, with an ex-wife, and fancy a bit of flirtation!

Those in this thread pronouncing "get a life!!1! <snort>" need to step back and think about things a bit more deeply! Once you have a real life (job, wife, kids, mortgage) you might realise why these virtual worlds are so appealing!
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