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Default Re: UNOFFICIAL HOWTO: Installing legacy drivers on FC5

Originally Posted by Sobriquet
I didn't find an answer to this, so this is how I managed to get the 71.74 drivers running on my Geforce2 GTS under Fedora Core 5. I'm assuming you're running FC5 with the kernel updated to 2.6.16-1.2080_FC5.

Disclaimer: If your computer bursts into flames, don't blame me. According to at least one post on this board, a proper solution from NVidia is imminent.
  • Download the 7174 installer from
  • Download the patch from
  • Extract and apply patch as detailed on previous link, but don't run installer yet
  • Modify Makefile so that layout matchs that of xorg instead of XFree86 by running `sed "s/usr\/X11R6\/lib/usr\/lib\/xorg/g" Makefile >Makefile2; mv Makefile2 Makefile`
  • Rearrange local dir structure to match: `mv usr/X11R6/lib usr/lib/xorg`
  • Now if you run the installer and modify your `/etc/X11/xorg.conf` correctly you should be up and running (Note: I ran `make install` here, but the Installer should hopefully work fine too)
I have an Asus 7700 card which i think is (pretty much) the same chipset you mention. I'm running FC5 updated to 2.6.16-1.2122. Per the FC5 release notes I have the kernel source installed under my home directory. Do you think your steps above would work in my case?

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