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Default Re: Slow AA text rendering in KDE

I reported the issue twice using, the first time I didn't get a reply ... so I wrote the small micro-benchmark and sent the benchmark results again to the adress mentioned above. Again no reply.

Here in the forum I just saw the default "we always look for ways..." which either means "we know but thats a unresolveable hardware problem" or "we don't care about guys like you, stop spreading bad publicity in our support forums!".

I haven't seen any improvements nore wasn't even Nvidia able to explain why a Duron800/FX5200 outperformed a AMD64/GF6600 by a factor of two.

Maybe I have to wait another two years or it'll never get fixed but I know one thing - never trust a company. Next time I'll order hardware over the net, in europe we can send it back the first two weeks if we are not statisfied.

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