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Default Re: Slow AA text rendering in KDE

Originally Posted by Linuxhippy
I reported the issue twice using, the first time I didn't get a reply ... so I wrote the small micro-benchmark and sent the benchmark results again to the adress mentioned above. Again no reply.

Here in the forum I just saw the default "we always look for ways..." which either means "we know but thats a unresolveable hardware problem" or "we don't care about guys like you, stop spreading bad publicity in our support forums!".

I haven't seen any improvements nore wasn't even Nvidia able to explain why a Duron800/FX5200 outperformed a AMD64/GF6600 by a factor of two.

Maybe I have to wait another two years or it'll never get fixed but I know one thing - never trust a company. Next time I'll order hardware over the net, in europe we can send it back the first two weeks if we are not statisfied.


There's like 6000 things it could be. As far as I know, it's not a nvidia bug at all. Why is KWrite terrible w/ the fonts, and KEdit fine? Only some KDE components are affected massively. Yes, font AA is slow, it's also slow in Windows. Right now, no driver that I know of, ATI or NVIDIA, on any platform uses hardware acceleration to render subpixel hinted text. The pixel shaders on the card can do it, but that's just a bonus not yet implemented, it's not a bug.

As to why you have one system faster or slower than the other, theres many different versions of libraries, freetype, X, QT, and so on. Perhaps your duron has a mixture that seems to work...

Try sticking the duron's HD in the a64. I bet it works, :\

It's a really crappy bug, wherever it's coming from.

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