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Default Re: first display on twinview

Originally Posted by Savek
My guess would be that you won't have any problems with your setup using the normal (current) twinview configuration since it uses CRT-0 (the VGA-Port) as Primary Display... the TV connected to DFP-0 (DVI-Port) will be secondary monitor anyhow with the current drivers...
Well, I'm not sure if my TV will be DFP-0 since it's still an analog connection (DVI-I --> VGA cable). I'm going to use the VGA port on my TV. So I guess that this connection will show up as CRT also. Hopefully it will show up as CRT-1 and my TFT will show up as CRT-0.

Or have a misunderstood something. Is the DVI-I port always made into DFP-X?

And do I have to use the "ConnectedMonitors" option?

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