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Default Re: Slow AA text rendering in KDE

Originally Posted by d13f00l
As far as I know, it's not a nvidia bug at all. Why is KWrite terrible w/ the fonts, and KEdit fine?
I wrote a micro benchmark which isn't KDE based at all. Its a simply program drawing tons of subpixel-AA strings.
In this benchmark my old Duron outperforms my new Athlon64 by a factor of two - keeping in mind that the Athlon is 4 times as fast, this is a regression that leads to a performance reduction of about 800%!
So I don't speak about bad performance or not implemented accaleration, I speak about a performance regression. Till you don't get this I would be pleased to not read replies any more

Yes, font AA is slow, it's also slow in Windows.
The pixel shaders on the card can do it, but that's just a bonus not yet implemented, it's not a bug.
Man, I am not speaking about hardware accaleration, I speak about a driver performance regression.
My FX5200 sure is many times slower than the new GF6600 and also the processor is about four times faster. It performs fast on all grapical operations, be it blits, fills or whatever, except subpixel-AA wich is terrible slow.

By the way, Java is able to use shaders for subpixel-AA and it turned out that its only faster on higest end board, cards like my FX5200 or the GF6600 would only suffer because the additional overhead.

As to why you have one system faster or slower than the other, theres many different versions of libraries, freetype, X, QT, and so on. Perhaps your duron has a mixture that seems to work...
Same system, both are out-of-the-box fedora core 4 systems.
Same driver version, the duron has a VIA chipset board (which is known to be buggy and broken), the Athlon64 is powered by an NForce4 chipset.

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