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Default Re: Video capture support on Linux.

Originally Posted by mtrax
I would think most people would be using TV cards like PVR 350 to capture video, but yeah any feature that is in windows we should get in Linux.
BTW I would expect you would need to build this support into the V4L drivers which support is still patchly even for Video Capture cards.
NVIDIA already sells their highend Quadro SDI line which is officially supported for use on Linux systems. So knowing this why is there a delay with supporting VIVO for their authorized resellers (ie: MSI, BFG, etc). If it's an issue with vendors using different video capture chipsets then either have their vendors standardize or NVIDIA should release their own Geforce graphics card which supports VIVO on Linux. As for the latter I'd be happy to purchase a NVIDIA made Geforce 7900 graphics card that offers VIVO not only for desktop systems but also for highend laptops such as Dell's Inspiron XPS M1710 or Precision M90.
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