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Default Re: Best MMORPG/RPG For PvP?

Best for PVP? Shadowbane IMO. It recently went free too.

Shadowbane is completely PVP. You don't do random quests like "collect 5 magic clovers and bring them to me" or "kill the uber bad guy" or "save the princess of sh*tdom" type bullsh*t. That stuff *kind of* exists in shadowbane but you can completely ignore it if you want to, and I do ignore it because I don't really care about that. Going around killing mobs is stupid, I like killing players better, and thats what shadowbane is all about.

How successful you are in the game depends entirely upon your guild; you alone can accomplish nothing. In fact, if you just run off on your own you'll likely get your ass kicked by anybody you run into. You have to build cities, conquer other ones, and take over mines that give your cities resources and gold. That said there are real-time strategy elements involved in it.

Currently my nation (called Even Better, allied with Entropy and Kingdom of Heaven nations) is owning the Wrath server We're so successful right now that we are kinda seen as the bad guys on the server, and almost all of the other guilds and nations (even the ones that don't really like each other) are kinda ganging up on us right now, but we are still kicking their asses anyways.

Originally Posted by nrdstrm
Well, I havn't seen PVP in action. But Vanguard looks to be an awesome game. The developer (Brad) has stated that there will be at LEAST 1 PVP Server with a special PVP ruleset. So far it is said you will be able to attack anyone, anywhere, wich sounds kinda like what the OP wanted..
That is pretty much what shadowbane is. There are only like 5 really small peace zones on the server I play on, and I don't imagine the others are much different. Almost the entire server consists of PVP areas.
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