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Thumbs down 2 Nvidia Quadro FX 4500 Solaris 10 x86 Dual Video Mode

Has anybody been successful with the following configuration?

1 . I have 2 Nvidia Quadro FX 4500 cards installed in the Solaris 10 x86 system. I updated the driver with the one released on May, 22 2006.

2. I Modified the xorg.conf file and configured dual video mode for the primary video card which displays 2 desktops in the CDE window environment. There are 2 screens in this configuration which are Screen 0 and Screen 1. This xorg.conf worked as expected.

3. I copied the working sections for the 1st card and changed the PCI bus address to point to the 2nd card. I then added Screen 2 and Screen 3 to the xorg.conf file. I ran the /usr/X11/bin/X cmd to test the new configuration and screen 2 and screen 3 didn't turn on.

4. I Removed screen 2 and screen 3 from the configuration. I then changed the address of the PCI bus address to point to the 2nd card. ( I looked in /var/log/Xorg.0.log file to find the PCI bus address of the 2nd card ). I ran the /usr/X11/bin/X cmd again to test the configuration and the 2nd card worked as I expected with CDE desktop being displayed on monitors 3 & 4.

The only differences are these listed below:

1. The location of the PCI bus address which points to the 2nd card instead of the 1st card.
2. The 2nd card is now using screen 0 and screen 1 instead of screen 2 and screen 3.

Is it possible to configure 2 nvidia cards in solaris 10 x86 to both be in dual video mode where there would be 4 different CDA desktops displayed?
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