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Default this hurts, kyle.

Why would he publicly attack you volt? Not just you but NVNews.

Originaly posted @ [H]

Fansite Biz:
I read this on the front page of NVNews:

We all tend to point fingers at companies that don't deliver their products on time. NVIDIA's product cycle did NOT change since the GeForce FX initial launch. By looking back at previous product releases as a guide, NVIDIA will indeed have a spring refresh of their enthusiast products. The cycles are always six to nine months. NV30 broke that cycle due to its new architecture and the move to .13 micron design process. Note that this does not put NVIDIA behind other companies (ATi).

This made me wonder....Does that put the in front of ATI then? Seriously their point is that NV35 will be out soon. We stated publicly back in February that we would see NV35 on retail shelves by July and maybe even sooner. "volt" then went on to say:

Although NV30 was late that does not mean that the NV3X parts scheduled to follow have been pushed back, I confirmed this with Brian Burke of NVIDIA. The NV31/NV34 line of products came out as scheduled. NVIDIA is right on target to refresh their enthusiast line-up in the spring, as they usually do. So the 9800 Pro's fight may not be with the GeForce FX 5800 Ultra, but with the yet to be announced NV35.

I will not even pick through this paragraph but I think it is safe to say that the 9800Pro's fight will not be with the GFFX least NVIDIA better hope so. It will be interesting to soon see Mike's take on the NV31/34 that "came out as scheduled".
That's not just a difference of opinion, but a blatant call-out. What's going on.
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