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Default Re: MMOs and boundries

Originally Posted by Athena
yes, I am a roleplayer when on MMOs I do not play as me in the game I play the avatar I created. I guess being a old school pen and paper RPGamer the thought of playing a RPG and skipping the whole role playing part of it did not cross my mind. But as I am seeing it looks like most people just play RPGs as them self. This would explain the reaction I got from the other player.

So my question would be if you are playing as your self in the game where do you draw your boundries? It seems if you are role playing the boundry is clear. Play the avatar not yourself. That way when something happens to your avatar you do not take it personal, it is just a game. But if you play as yourself then when something happens it is personal by definition.

Any thoughts?
Is this just a big troll?

How can you even ask other people where to draw their own boundaries when playing themselves in a game? as far as I know, not many people actually are "themselves"

I dont roleplay a "character" very much, but I dont exactly play myself, I dont go around telling people all my personal information, im just me playing the game and interacting with people normally, how hard is that to do?

It doesnt have anything to do with playing pen and paper RPG's, when you sit around with your friends and play pen and paper DnD or something, do you start having sex with them and flirting with them and making them all confused and angry at the character you are playing? probably not.
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