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Default Re: Best MMORPG/RPG For PvP?

Originally Posted by jeffmd
Saddly both WoW and GW have the stupid logic that all melee should get a sprint type ability as well as "snares", both wich are generaly unremoveable by spells/damage because they are non-magic, and at the same time the caster dosnt have sprint (or its unusable after snare) and HIS method of snare is broken by some type of damage.
This doesn't make any sense. If a warrior in WoW didn't have charge or intercept he would never win any fight against a cloth wearer. Frost nova, deathcoil, root, concussive shot, scatter shot, fear, you name it the warrior would be a joke to pvp and his ONLY roll would be a meat shield for the cloth wearers to get urber gear to tear the warrior down even more.

The balance is very logical. Play a warrior in WoW (if you haven't) and you see what I mean. I have a 60 warrior 60 hunter a 50 mage and soon to be 60 rogue. The warrior is the hardest of all of them to play. Armor does not defend against magic. A warrior's only defence against magic is his high HP total for tanking or should that be nurfed as well? If so then you throw the whole game out of balance and then druids become the MT.
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