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Default Re: nforce professional (ck804, 2200, 2050) linux drivers

Originally Posted by BSD
I am of course using a gui (or else I wouldn't be talking about xcdroast), just not one of the bloated ones like gnome or kde.
no I don't think so... but I think this forum is not the right place to start a endless flamewar about this topic

Originally Posted by BSD
The disks are 52x
If I say 24x, then the whole burn process is at about 24x most of the time
So far its happened with 700megs to as low as 3megs.
24x most of the time? (even with the last few megabytes of a 700MB-image?)
have you ever tried to burn a cd with cdrecord dev=/dev/something speed=52 some.iso? if and _attach_ the output?
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