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Originally posted by Matthyahuw
Ya bud, AshG was lead to believe the same, but when reality hits, it's barely on the chart...I had to go back a year for it to even show up...

Thanks. (Oh, and ! )

Question, why do the numbers seem to go backwards to me on the left handside of the chart? It seems to go from 20K at the top to 100K at the bottom, I don't get. What does it mean?

EDITED BITS: Doh! Rankings, rankings by amount of it. That doesn't make sense to me from what I've been lead to believe, but it makes a whole lot of sense to me and explains why I've been lead to believe a few things. Thank you, you've succesful helped me conscious mind figure out just what the F*CK my sub-conscious mind has been up to for a while.

But it's still way past my bedtime if that graph confused me. My thanks again to you for taking the time to make/post that up for me, it really is appreciated.
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