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Default Re: 'HL2: Episode 1' Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Banko
The problem is sure some animations are better, and some textures are more high-res but every single art asset has been seen in Half-life 2. There is nothing to immersive yourself here.
No, no, no.. You cannot have played through the first chapter in the citidal and make such a claim. More detailed anymations, more detailed ingame cinematics, more detailed backgrounds, definently more detailed looking alyx model AND new effects (the core at the citidal just to name the most prominent) PLUS of cause HDR lightning. I pity you if you can't see the difference, because then you wouldn't need such an expensive rig

Anyway as you can probably tell I was impressed. It was everything I hoped for. I have played 5 hours so far and I'm not nearly done yet. I usally have 10-20% more gameplay time in SP games than the average on this board, so this doesn't surprice me.
It is just like a concentrate of the best moments of HL2 mixed together in a lovely little episode. I must admit, I'm an instant fan of episodes. Clever puzzles, varied gameplay and environments, good storytelling IMO (although they could even knock this up a notch in Episode 2 ) and just a nice execution overall. Well done valve
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