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Default Re: 'HL2: Episode 1' Feedback Thread

Finshed in it about 6 hours. I tend to be on the longer end of "how long does it take to finish" scale.

IMO: Great game. I can't believe my "lowly" rig can play this at 1680*1050 with 2AA/4AF and HDR and really not have any problems. No, it doesn't flow like butter, there was a hitch here and there but ALOT less that I expected. I'm sure if I tweaked with the drivers/settings a bit I would have no problems at all (though I would probably have to ditch the HDR).

I enjoyed this MUCH more than Sin:Emergance. I think I might just be getting too old for the cartoony/12-year-old-boys-view-of-women that it portrays. And don't even get me started on the dialogue.

Combies ... heh ... I liked that joke. (Okay actually I liked the fact that Alex realized how BAD/LAME it was)

So, in conclusion: HL2:E1 = worth $20
Sin:E = Not so much ... maybe $12

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