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Default Re: 'HL2: Episode 1' Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Banko
HDR has ceazed to amaze me, especially HL2's implementation of it. Again I said there are more detailed and higher res texture and better animations and so forth, but you get tried of looking at Alyx and the walls. Not much in more detail seriously. I liked the game except it really was too short.
Well we simply disagree there, I think the art design and overall graphical expression surpasses just about anything else out there.

On a sidenote, how the hell can you not like the HDR implementation in HL2?
Seriously would you prefer Far Cry's totally exaggerated (mis)use of HDR? I think it's perfect in it's current integration in Source. I also like the fact they we will see better graphics in Episode 2 and even better in Episode 3 because they continuously develope the Source technology until the end of Episode 3, where we allegedly will see a whole new engine.

To all those people who says it too short (especially you having completed it within 3 hours):
1. Quit power storming through the game
2. Don't forget that it's is called an episode; that's what you get and that's what you pay for. Look at the pricetag for christ sake, don't tell me you expected a lot more than 4-5 hours?
3. This one is real simple: play on hard difficulty. I am, and I'm having real fun
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