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Default Re: 'HL2: Episode 1' Feedback Thread

Wow, only 42 more hours of downloading for me I wasn't aware that when I bought the retail dvd I just bought a link to a steam download server. I won't be purchasing any more valve titles, with my earth link connection teminating every three hours to prevent abuse, this will take a week or so. I hate valve for this, why isn't the game content on the disc??? Oh, well I guess I'll still "download" the next few episodes anyway...Update: I ****ing hate valve. I can't beleive it I might end up pirating a game I already bought, or pirating anything period, just to avoid steam. Its insane. No, no piracy, just hateful empty threats and sadness for me...

UPDATE: Apparantly, you must install HL2 Deathmatch and HLSource deathmatch as well as episode one. Now I have only an hour of updating. Most of my hatred is hereby retracted.
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