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Default Re: kernel-output-path for installing NVIDIA drivers in Fedora Core 5

When FC5 starts up, it hangs at

Starting networking
Determining IP information for eth0... failed [ FAILED ]

Afterwards, I go into the System -> Administration -> Network, and here's what I see that the status is Inactive. If I try to hit the Activate button, it hangs on Determining IP information for eth0 and fails also. The tabs in the Network Configuration window are
- Devices: shows one entry. eth0 which is inactive
- Hardware: shows one entry. nVidia corporation MCP51
- IPsec: blank
- DNS: Hostname is localhost.localdomain; everything else blank
- Hosts: blank

If I try to use Firefox, nothing loads. If I try to use YUM, it doesn't work.

Thank you very much for helping me out on this! I've been searching threads for two days now and couldn't figure it out. Please let me know what other information you need and I will gladly provide it.
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