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Default BIOS help with GeForce4 440 Go

I recently bought a new GeForce4 440 Go w/ 64Mb off eBay for my Inspiron 8200. I installed the thing no problem and on the first boot up it worked great. Stupid me, I saw that there was a BIOS upgrade for this on the Dell site so I applied it. Everything looked like it worked during the upgrade but when I rebooted the vide was all messed up. I could still get into Windows but there is speckling on the screen. I've tried multiple times to re-apply the BIOS and it always looks like it works but no go. I want to try using NVFlash rather than the Dell BIOS flash to update the BIOS but NVFlash requires the actual ROM file to perform the upgrade which I don't have. I only have the EXE files off the Dell site.

Anyone have any ideas on how to recover from this or am I just screwed? If anybody out there has this card and wants to send me their ROM file I would appreciate it. I know how to get a copy of the ROM file using NVFlash.
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