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Default Re: 'HL2: Episode 1' Feedback Thread

Ok just got a retail copy, I was VERY dissapointed to see it stutter within a few seconds of starting a new game!!!!! I mean bad stuttering.

Its ironic that the old source engine build used by Ritual in Emergence does'nt stutter for me but this build which I guess is Valve's latest and greatest stutters everytime I bloody move or Alex says something (which is a lot).

Last Valve game for me until thay change engines.

I think Dark Messiah will be my last full Source game.
I wonder what is causing this stuttering as I haven't had a problem with it. At 1280x1024 it might stutter for just a second after loading a level- but from there on untill the next loading point it runs perfectly fine. At 1600x1200 there is some stuttering due to the computer having to do a lot of loading- or so it seems, but as far as I'm concerned it is still playing better at that high a resolution than I ever expected.

Might it be driver related? I'm using the latest beta drivers.
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