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Default Driver bug: glTexCoord() != glMultiTexCoord(GL_TEXTURE0)?

I have a minimal test case that behaves different depending on whether I use glTexCoord() or glMultiTexCoord(GL_TEXTURE0). As I read the documentation, these should be identical. I don't actually care about that specific problem, but what I really want is to use glMultiTexCoord(GL_TEXTURE2).

The attached test case ('make run' to see it) displays two quads, one using glTexCoord, the other glMultiTexCoord. The glTexCoord one correctly shows both the s and t texture coordinates varying from 0 to 1. The glMultiTexCoord one shows t stuck at zero, and s going from 0 to 2. Or something. I would be curious to see if other people see the same output. I have filed a bug, but haven't heard back yet.

Oddly, this forum won't accept the file as a .tar.gz, but will accept a .zip.

This happens on two different computers, both with GeForce FX 5700s, and one using driver 7676, the other 8178.
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