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Default Low 3Dmark 05/06 scores after upgrade to 7900GT

Hey guys, I just upgraded from my Vanilla 6800 to a 7900GT. I expected to see quite an increase in performance, but it's just not there. After I ran 3dmark 05/06 I noticed that my scores seemed to be low. These scores are after a vmod to 7900 GTX which only netted me a 300 point increase over stock.

3D Mark 06- 4825

3D Mark 05- 7141

3D Mark 05- 4737 (6800 Highly Oc'd)

I didnt get nearly the increase I should have in oblivion either. I dont know if this prescott is too slow or if the ram is. Any ideas... I've changed drivers and it has not had any effect either.
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