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Default Re: GeForce Go 7400 on Sony VGN-SZ1VP/C laptop

I've got a similar type of configuration here.

My laptop is a TSUNAMI Speeder 259 Ultra, that is in fact, a Uniwill 259EN3 with hybrid VGA technology.

The only solution I've tought of (altough, I didn't tried it yet), is to dynamicaly link the files both drivers (Intel/NVidia) use, acording to the lspci output.

For example:

If the lspci output had a string saying "NVidia", then the /usr/lib/ would be a link to a file called /usr/lib/

In the other hand, if no NVidia string was found on the output of lspci, the /usr/lib/ would point to /usr/lib/

A shell script running when the system starts should do the trick.

What do you think?
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