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I don't really think that ut 2003 looks that great. The CTF and bombing run maps do look nice, and its nice to have all that vegetation but the deathmatch maps are pretty unimaginative and the weapons do need improved. Why did they get rid of the sniper rifle and have that lightning gun instead? the character animations look a bit naff as well

The build I used was 927 which I think was pretty recent and it does look close to completion, apart from some minor clipping issues.

Performance wise it runs ok at medium texture detail. chugs a bit on maps like gestalt and maul on high detail.

Overall I think the original UT was difficult to improve on. UT does have a slightly more quake 3 feel to it with the field of view and it has a more consistent futuristic theme, which is an improvement on UT's gimmicky environments. The level design isn't as good. I think that Epic had better level designers than digital extremes and it shows in this game. lets hope Epic polish it up a bit before release. I'm more looking forward to the UT engine games like Deus ex 2
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