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Default Re: 8762 still locks up like 8756

Well, the problem is fixed I suppose.
I wondered if Solaris 10 has support for AGP at all so I set the
Option "NvAGP" "0"
and lo and behold X started up complete with the Nvidia logo.

So my next question has to do with the screen being offset to the left.
Having the same issue on the Linux side and posting in the Linux forum
with no responses I finally figured it out. In that case I had an existing modeline
already and even though xvidtune is no longer usable I was still able to use
it to just output some info to give me an idea of what numbers I needed to change.
Then create a custom 1280x1024_60 modeline.

On Sol10, however, I don't have an existing modeline and xvidtune won't run
at all (it tells me I need to install it first [What?!?]).
So, how does one adjust the screen?
Sure I can use the monitor's controls but I'm sure that'll affect my other

Any tips?

P.S. Just using the same modeline I use in Slackware centered things up but the question
still holds.

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