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Default Re: Please post your 7950 overclocks here...

570/750 seemed to do okay. Bumped my 3DM06 score up to 8163. I'll try the full XFX XXX specs now (570/775).

Bear in mind though, this is just passing one iteration of 3DMark06. To confirm it's completely stable I'll need to do more than that.

Edit: The oc test doesn't want to let me past 770. So, I'm trying 570/770 instead.

Edit 2: Since the overclock didn't change things greatly from the optimal detected overclock, I'm just sticking with 550/700 for now. I've been looping Deep Freeze and it seems fine. The card idles pretty high but the temp didn't really change all that much while looping Deep Freeze so that's good.

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