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Default Re: Please post your 7950 overclocks here...

Originally Posted by shungokusatsu
I was still hoping for much higher results, I'm hoping someone can eventually get near the 7900 speeds. I hit 10,000 in 3D06 so seeing these results is kind of a drag, I still haven't seen any 7950's break the 9000's yet.
New Score Update for me (oc'd my fx60 to 2.8 with help from shungokusatsu

3dmark05: 14188
3dmark06: 8974 (just need 26 more points to get to your magic #)

by the way this is the XFX XXX edition as is out of the box.
My current setup:
fx60 OC'd to 2.8
2 gig corsair XMS (2x 1gig) 2.5-3-3-6
1 XFX 7950GX2
1 WD 74 Gig Raptor
A8N32-SLI Deluxe

Old Rig (Still Running Strong)

p4 (550) 3.4 running at 4.0
BFG 7800GTX (256 verison)
2 Gig Kingston Value Ram DDR2
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