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Default Re: Please post your 7950 overclocks here...

Originally Posted by sandeep
OWA, is there much improvment from yoru SLIed 7800GTX 512Megs?? I have SLI 256Megs, I am really inclined to purchase 7950GX2.
Comparing the 7950 to the 7800GTX 512s in SLI, the 7800GTX 512s are still slightly faster but mine are also factory overclocked (580/875). When overclocking the 7950 (I essentially bought a reference card and stock is 500/600) I can get pretty close. I'd say it would be worth it for you especiallly if you can sell your current cards to recoup some of the cost. I got a pretty good bump in speed going from the 7800 GTX 256 SLI to 7800 GTX 512 SLI and the 7950 (especially when overclocked) is just a little behind the 7800 GTX 512. I think the 7950 should be faster than you current setup and it also gives you a 512M card.
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