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Default graphics card overheading problem

Apologies before hand for not showing code but this is a general question.

I've got a PC with 2 gforce 5500 cards in it, next to each other. When I run my opnGL demo it runs fine for a while, then polygons start to vanish, then it will lockup for a few seconds, then start and lock up over and over again. What I've noticed is if I start the demo off from first booting my pc it will run for about 15 mins without problems, if I have been working on my PC for a while it will only run for 3-4 mins before problems start.

I touched the heat sink on each card, the second one gets very hot, the main one is almost to burn you hot.

Does this problem sound like a card overheat problem, or is it more likely my code? I should add because of the shape of the PC the cards are on top of each other with the heat sinks facing downover.

can anyone advise. Thanks
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