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Default Re: Low 3Dmark 05/06 scores after upgrade to 7900GT

Possibly a tad low but in general they seem fine to me. These results are a little old but here is what I got with an X1900XTX (650/1550) and 7800 GTX 512 (580/1750) with an X2 4800+ running at 2.58ghz.

3DMark05 8879 7068

3DMark06 4778 3875

Actually, I'm not sure those were at the default res. Here are some later results with the cpu at 2.6ghz and later drivers for all cards.

Again xtx, 7800GTX512, 7900GTX SC
3DMark05 (1024x768) 11,561 9939 11525

It's xtx, 7800GTX512, 7900GTX SC
3DMark06 (1280x1024) 5,880 5636 6376

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