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Default Just an idea

Not sure if there would be enough volume for it; but wondering if it might be a good idea to make a beta software forum... With Microsoft now publically releasing their betas, from Vista to Office, to the next version of IE, media player, etc; there are a lot of people who can (and have) had access to the betas.

Now, naturally, being all pre-release software, it's new to pretty much everyone of us, with issues that people might run into which are unique to a beta (not existing in more established versions of the given products), which being new aren't yet perhaps well known or established as of yet. There's also the matter of bugs (which people can run into from time to time), where posters might be wondering if it's more related to their computer or something they're doing, or if it's a bonified bug which others are perhaps running into as well.

Wonder if there might be a use for a seperate beta forum, considering the number of us who are nabbing these publically released betas?
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